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“ CONDIT - Biologicko - organické hnojivo a pôdny kondicionér“


A test on strawberries carried out by Sadef, France in 2011


During the trial it was proven that CONDIT application improved the strawberry production, going from a satisfying production of 487g per plant with standard mineral fertilizers to 586 g per plant for CONDIT solo and 617g for CONDIT + mineral fertilizers addition.

Other trial conclusions were:

 - CONDIT applied solo showed a positive effect on the microbial carbon in the soil(bacteria plus fungi) leading to an increased soil microbial biomass (g of microbial carbon per 100g of organic carbon). This conclusion was validated by the ratio of microbial carbon/organic carbon which was demonstrated by an improved mineralization of the organic matter into the soil.

 - The strawberry production is improved by CONDIT application, in solo program or complemented by a mineral fertilizers. This improvement is noted from the first up to the last harvest and is marked at the end of the trial (+20% for CONDIT solo and +27% for CONDIT + mineral fertilizers). This means that the nutrition of the strawberry plants between crop planting and winter is improved (key period concerning the stock constitution and the definition of the production potential) and certainly during the vegetative growth return in spring.

 - CONDIT showed increased yields yet there was no increase of none-marketable fruits and also no problem with rottenness phenomenon on fruits occurred.